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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gardens Galore

One of the best things about living outside of the city is the amount of “Soil” you have to work with.
Patrick and I have had a great time growing tomatoes, sweet red peppers, green beans and yummy spices.
We have been eating some great salads with the peppers and tomatoes.
We planted moss roses which open up each day full of color then close at night. The best thing is that they re-seed themselves and will come up next year.
My old neighbor had a thick bed of flowers so they also remind me of my old neighborhood in Lincoln Square.
As a moving in gift I had a Flower Box made for the front of the house. Al Hill made the flower box by hand, out of cedar and it fits the cement ledges perfectly. It is great to know it is well made and will last for years but also a nice reminder of Al and Karen. Currently it is full of orange and red mums and Japanese lanterns. We will add some pumpkins in October. Then we get into the really fun Christmas decorations.


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