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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The front of our house used to look like an abandoned lot somewhere near Bad Bad Leroy Brown's house. When I moved in, there was a mysterious rhododendron in the middle of the yard, scraggly grass, a flower bed that was mostly weeds that protruded from the house way out in the middle of the yard (four feet futher than anyone else's flower bed), and the most god awful evergreen that looked like it was having a bad hair day.

Right away, I put down some grass seed and pulled up the rhododendron. That was a modest improvement. Victoria also gave me a custom made window flower box. But that still left the protruding flower bed and the ugly evergreen. You can see a glimpse of what the yard looked like pre-2007-Spring above.

This spring we spent 4 Sunday's laboring. One Sunday sawing up the ugly evergreen. One Sunday digging a three foot in diameter and eighteen inch deep hole and chopping the evergreen roots with an axe to uproot the 40 pound stumps. One Sunday planting boxwoods, rose of sharon, and hydrangea. And one Sunday reseeding the protruding garden with grass seed and moving tulip bulbs to the relandscaped front of the house. I think it makes quite a difference.


Blogger Sally Gulde said...

Impressive! Now come to the Guldes house.

p.s. we're due for a wing night. ;)

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