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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slowly but surely, trying to get our act together. Last post was Pre-Honeymoon!!!
(quick note - everyone should put Arenal Observatory Lodge at the top of their travel list. Truly one of my favorite places on the planet.) I have to post a few pics.

OK - we got married 9/2/07. The wedding was more than I could have very dreamed for; Family, Friends, Sunshine, a raging river, beautiful flowers and details, and most of all - "The One" What did I do to get so lucky?

We have since uprooted and moved to Oak Park. We love our new lifestyle: amazing neighbors, block parties, pig roasts, a large library, and a quaint downtown. The house is a work in progress and we are always painting something.

The Blog Title has changed and so hopefully this will spur more activity.
Stay Tuned.........................................



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