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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kitty Integration

You would never think that these nice cats would do so much hissing and growling. Look how cute they are! Patrick has compared Mr. Bynx's howling to a fire truck and Haimona's to a police car. Haimona doesn't seem bothered by Mr. Bynx's howling and growling and slowly walks past to where he wants to go. Sometimes Bynx howls so long he starts to get tired and will watch Haimona while teetering on the edge of sleep. Really funny. The weekends are great because the cats are free to roam around the house, if they are feeling brave, and we are home to supervise.
Patrick will watch DVDs or relax in the basement and I made a veggie soup today in the kitchen. It is a long time for them to stay mad, so eventually they let their guard down a bit and can both hang out in the kitchen or living room. I look forward to the day when Miles and Bynx cuddle up on the fuzzy red blanket that they both love. Wish us luck!